September 10, 2011
Vote: #MaSen Madness Final Four

Here we go. Voting will run through Friday Sunday. The Championship will be played on Monday. 

Matchup: #1 Alan Khazei vs. #4 Steve Grossman

Khazei is our last remaining #1 seed and last remaining official candidate. Grossman probably would actually make a good candidate, as I wrote on months ago before I accidentally imploded the site. Both campaigns have an online army of supporters. This should be interesting…

Who gets your vote:

Matchup: #2 Vicki* Kennedy vs. #4 Ed Markey

Kennedy traveled a tough road to reach the Final Four, topping fan favorite (and great step nephew) Joe Kennedy III, and Mass Dem favorite Elizabeth Warren. Markey outlasted all of his colleagues in the House, scoring victories over Barney Frank, Jim McGovern, and upstart Steve Kerrigan. Whoever wins this match could be a huge underdog in the Championship, regardless of the opponent. 

*I have just been informed that I have been incorrectly spelling Vicki for three weeks.

Who gets your vote:

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