August 29, 2011
Round Two Vote: The State Region

Here we go:

Matchup: #1 Deval Patrick vs. #8 Suzanne Bump

Governor Patrick was a most popular candidate in Round One, while Suzanne Bump narrowly defeated Bill Galvin.  Can she slow Patrick’s momentum?

Who gets your vote:

Matchup: #4 Steve Grossman vs. #5 Tom Menino

The Treasurer vs. The Mayor. A statewide operation vs. the Boston machine. 

Who gets your vote:

Matchup: #3 Tim Murray vs. #11 Therese Murray

The namesakes.

Who gets your vote:

#2 Martha Coakley vs. #7 Kim Driscoll

The Mayor of Salem actually received more first round votes than the Attorney General.  Can she repeat that performance in Round Two?

Who gets your vote:

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